EasyTestMaker is an online test generator to help you create and manage your tests!

Create, print and publish your tests online! EasyTestMaker makes it easy for you to perfectly format multiple question types, print alternate versions, and publish to the web for online tests. Online tests are automatically graded!

Features Why you should use EasyTestMaker!

Perfectly formatted tests

Create multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, short answer and true or false questions. Add instructions and divide your test into multiple sections. Learn more...

Online tests graded automatically

Published online tests are graded automatically. View and print student's results and override grading when necessary. The same test you print, is the same test you publish online! Learn more...

Question Pools

Create a test with your entire question bank. Publish your test and choose to present as few or as many questions as you require. Each test taker will have a random set of questions.

Question analysis reporting

Quick and easy reports to see how many test takers answered which questions right and wrong.

Alternate versions to reduce cheating

Alternate versions and answer sheets provided with no extra work. Questions and answer choices are automatically resorted in a different order. Learn more...

Build exams with ease

Create an exam from your existing tests with just a few clicks. At any time you can copy a question from one test to another one! Learn more...

Export to Word or PDF

Any test, any version, including answer sheets can be download as a Micrsoft Word or PDF document to be saved and printed later. Learn more...

Make the most of your time, sign up now for EasyTestMaker!

EasyTestMaker eliminates wasted time spent on formatting. Add new questions and sections, move them around as needed and let EasyTestMaker do the hard work for you. All your tests are saved for easy retrieval. You can make changes or print out additional copies of any test you create.

Features I'm confused. I thought this was free?

Free, Plus and Premium plans are available. All are without ads. See below which plans include specific features. If you are not completely satisifed, we'll refund your full payment within the first 30 days of purchasing or upgrading, no questions asked.

Free $0/year
Core features to create tests

  • An easy to use test interface
  • All question types available
  • Answer sheets
  • Multiple sections
  • Automatic question renumbering when questions are moved
  • 25 test limit
  • Publish online tests with up to 25 results stored at one time.

Plus $59.95/year
Everything from Free plus:

  • Automatically generated alternate versions
  • Exam builder
  • Export to PDF and Word
  • Spell Check
  • Bold, Highlight, Italicize & more...
  • Unlimited tests
  • Publish online tests with up to 250 results stored at one time.

Premium $79.95/year
Everything from Free & Plus plus:

  • Upload images, charts or graphs
  • Results automatically graded
  • Set time limits for online tests
  • Print individual test results with grading marks
  • Export results in Excel/CSV file
  • Publish tests to be taken online with up to 2,500 results stored at one time.
  • Detailed test result analysis reports. See which answers were selected and by who for each question. All in one summary view.
  • Advanced online test options, timed tests, download options and more...
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